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For Heavy Vehicles

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TireCare Prime

Our search for the perfect tire sealant began on 2010 in Taiwan. We put the world’s best tire sealant brands to test and gathered valuable data to formulate a world-class sealant, with the goal of creating an accident-free world. After years of extensive R&D, TireCare has pioneered the Nano-fibre technology, proven to seal tire punctures permanently. Our formula is also heat-resistant and can withstand prolonged use without drying out, quite unlike any other tire sealants in the market.

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For Cars

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TireCare Revive

We buy you valuable time and safety by allowing you to use a punctured tire, upon repair, until it goes completely flat. TireCare Revive is a permanent sealant that seals multiple punctures of up to 12mm within mere minutes. It can be used on tubeless and run-flat tires. This product is environmental-friendly and is certified by SGS as TPMS Safe.

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For Motorcycles

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TireCare Pro Racing

Created with an ‘easy wash’ formula and other non-toxic and non-corrosive properties, this tire puncture repair tool can be applied to tube or tubeless tires and permanently seals 8mm punctures upon impact. Rest assured that TireCare Pro Racing does not cause any balancing issues.

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For Bicycles

Ride With A Peace of Mind

TireCare Endurance

TireCare Endurance permanently seals punctures of up to 6mm in diameter upon impact and it lasts for one year. Aside from being environmental-friendly with its non-toxic and non-corrosive properties, this tire puncture prevention product is also applicable for tube, tubeless and tubular tires, and effectively unblocks the valve.

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