Are Tire Plug Safe For Motorcycle?

Having a tire puncture is not a strange situation especially when you are a motorcycle rider. Repairing of punctures in tubeless tires can be a tricky business and include two simplest and basic ways in this regard, one is plugging, and other is patching. Both the plugs and patches can be use to cover up the holes and avoid you a situation where replacing a puncture tire becomes inevitable. Plugging can be DIY by the owner of a motorcycle if the hole is small. But going to nearest bike store is recommended in case of major issue.


Pros & cons of plugs:


  • Plugs are the cheapest option of tyre puncture repair available, which makes them a priority for the overwhelming majority.
  • Another method of plugs is that they can be place swiftly in a matter of minutes without consuming a lot of time.
  • To fix a punctured tire, plugs can be easily carry and most frequently available in the tyre repair kit.



  • Plugs are becoming old fashioned and obsolete and are no longer available in tire shops except a few small ones.
  • A plug has limited functions and cannot be use in a majority of the tire puncture cases.


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