The Only Easy & Permanent Solution for Tire Punctures Anywhere, Anytime


Bicycle rides can be fun and exciting… Until something unexpected happens. Don’t let tire punctures get in the way of your fun and safety.

The Problem

Worry-Free & Incident-Free

TireCare ensures the safety of cyclists by preventing tire punctures before it even happens.

Easy On Your Wallet

An inexpensive solution to keep your rides safe and save you from puncture hassle

Save Time & Effort

Save money & effort calling a friend / ride to tow you and your bike to safety

Ease of Mind

Ride as far as your legs could carry you... With no worries of tire punctures ruining the fun

Safety First

Cyclists are very vulnerable to unexpected road conditions especially those traveling at top speed. Better be safe than sorry.

The Solution

TireCare Endurance

Bicycle rides are one of the most joyful activities in the world. Enjoy your favourite hobby while keeping your safety in check by enforcing some anti-puncture measures on your bike! With TireCare Endurance, it permanently seals punctures of up to 6mm in diameter upon impact and it can last for one year. Aside from being environmental friendly with its non-toxic and non-corrosive properties, this tyre puncture prevention product is also applicable for tube, tubeless and tubular tyres, and effectively unblocks Valve.

Product Demonstration

Installation Chart

1. Rotate the valve to 6 o'clock.

2. Remove valve core.

3. Shake TireCare Sealant for 1 minute before use.

4. Cut off the cap.

5. Plug the tube injector.

6. Inject the TireCare sealant.

7. Put valve core back.

8. Inflate the tire to the desired pressure.

Application Chart


80ml per wheel


80ml per wheel


80ml – 160ml per wheel


160ml – 320ml per wheel


Your TireCare Solution

Preventive Liquid

Preventive liquid-based solution effective for up to 365 days for tube,tubeless and tubular tires.

Self Sealing

Permanently self-sealing multi-tire punctures of up to 3-6mm to prevent flat tire.


Dont need to call taxi to or family to fetch you home


Dont need risk your life waiting at the jungle or midnight

How It Works

Easy & Secure

Comparison Chart

FeatureTireCare EnduranceBrand X
Diameter of HolesUp to 6mmUp to 3mm
Shelf Life 5 years1 - 2 years
Prevent or Post PuncturedPreventive ProtectionPreventive Protection
PerformanceEffective for 1 yearEffective for 3 months
TypesWorks on tubes, tubeless and tubularWorks on tubeless
WashableEasy washable with waterWill be hardened and leave residue in your tire
Harmless to the Rims & Tires

Over 250,000 Tires Saved by TireCare in Malaysia.

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