Can Run Flat Tire Be Repaired?


Tire repair and flat tire are the common practices that take place regularly. Run flat tires have countless benefits like less weight, sophistication and more driving time etc, but when it comes to their repair, there has always been a big question mark. On the one hand, some manufacturers advise that you should not repair flat run tires due to safety reasons while others have adopted certain conditions for the same purpose and if your tire is damaged, there may be chances of repair only if it fulfills the conditions like, the tire is not used when flat, damage is merely occurred on tread area and the puncture is not more than ¼ proportion.

The adequate way to get tire repaired is to cover the puncture hole from the inner side and then apply a patch on above side. Be sure to not to plug your tire because the plug repairs do not include off taking of the wheel for a professional and regulated examination or testing. And a plug is just placed and pushed into the punctured area that makes it vulnerable. So better to rely on a complete inspection and get the run flat tire’s center demount, and then follow on to check the inner and outer sides of the tire respectively and after a complete test, should a tire be ready for repair. However, if the above mentioned three conditions are ignored, then it is highly likely that the tire will have to be replaced. It is important to remember to inspect the tire on the other side of the car, so that one has a low depth, you will be at an ease to replace that as well without further damage. Experts recommend replacing all four tires simultaneously, but in case if replacing only two new tires is required, make sure that the new tires have the same size and condition as the existing tires.