The One & Only Kit You Need For Tire Punctures Anywhere, Anytime


Tire punctures happen at the most inconvenient times. When you are in a rush, when you are lost in the middle of nowhere.

The Problem

Nobody Enjoys Changing Tires, Ever!

We want to keep you safe and also offer an cost-effective solution to buy you time to visit a workshop to get a proper replacement.

Important Business

Take care of your important business deals – let TireCare deal with the rest


It takes 45 minutes for a man to change a spare tire. How about female drivers who are alone?


Changing tires is dirty business. You’ll need to get your hands dirty releasing the tire bolt, jacking the car and switching the tire in the middle of a highway.

Emergency Lane

Never leave your safety compromised by being stranded by a spare tire on the road

The Solution

TireCare Revive

SUVs, MPVs, Sedans, Vans and Hatchbacks make up the daily commute of most road users. Nothing is worse than having your journey delayed when you have a punctured tire. So what can you do when it happens? TireCare Revive to the rescue! We buy you valuable time and safety by allowing you to use a punctured tire, upon repair, until it goes completely flat. TireCare Revive is a permanent sealant that seals multiple punctures of up to 12mm within mere minutes. It can be used on tubeless and run-flat tires. This product is environmental-friendly and is certified by SGS as TPMS Safe.

Product Demonstration

Installation Chart

1. Turn the puncture wound to the bottom.

2. Air compressor warning flashlight will blink once it is plugged into the car power socket.

3. Remove valve core with removal tool provided

4. Shake the TireCare sealant for 1-minute with the nozzle cap facing the ground.

5. Change the bottle nozzle cap with the tube injector

6. Wind the other end of tube injector into valve core and squeeze in TireCare sealant.

7. Replace valve core.

8. Inflate the tire with air compressor.

Application Chart


225 – 280ml per wheel


260 – 320ml per wheel


320ml – 400ml per wheel


320 – 400ml per wheel


320 – 400ml per wheel


Your TireCare Solution

Drive In 5 Minutes

Effortless installation in 5 minutes for lady

Eliminated Spare Tire

No longer only man can do it. Now lady repair a flat tire without changing spare tire

Eliminated Jacking Car

Dirty-free for the hands & Shirts without knee down to jack the car and worry the car might drop down and hurt yourself

Seal Sealing

Permanently self-sealing multi puncture up to 10-12mm

How It Works

Easy & Secure

Comparison Chart

FeatureTireCare ReviveBrand X
Sealing ApplicationPermanentTemporary
Shelf Life 5 years1 - 2 years
Diameter of HolesUp to 8 - 12mmUp to 4mm
Prevent or Post PuncturedPost PuncturedPost Punctured
PerformanceEffective to drive until tire goes flatEffective to drive for 80km only
TypesWorks on tubeless and run-flat tireWorks only on tubeless
WashableEasy washable with waterWill be hardened and leave residue in your tire
TPMS Friendly (Sensor Concealed)X
Side WallXX
Harmless to the Rims & Tires

Application Guide

Tire Width (IN)Sealant (ML)
Tire Width (IN)Sealant (ML)

Over 250,000 Tires Saved by TireCare in Malaysia.

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