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What To Do If and When Your Motorcycle Gets a Flat Tire?

Useful Tire Care Tips

Flat Tire

What To Do If and When Your Motorcycle Gets a Flat Tire?

Tire sealant & flat tire should be inseparable twins for you if you use motorcycles, because unlike cars you can’t really keep a spare tire on you when riding a bike. So, your hope for prevention of flat tire and fixing it is a TireCare sealant. However, in addition to TireCare sealant there are some safety tips that you should keep in mind if and when your motorcycle gets a flat tire.

Stop Carefully

The first step is to stop and take your motorcycle on the safe side of the road. The key to stopping is to not apply too much pressure on the already flat tire, and brake carefully. Once you have taken the motorcycle to the safe side of the road then.

Call for Help

Once you have gotten to safety if your tire is punctured badly then call a friend or towing service for help. If you are in an area where it’s not possible to call someone for help then:

Change Spare Tube

If you are stranded in the middle of nowhere or far from where you can be helped then you should change the spare tube and use TireCare Preventive sealant so that you can get to your destination without suffering from a flat tire problem again.

Like it’s often said, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You should always be safe as well and apply TireCare Tire Sealant before starting your journey. You will have the safety and comfort of knowing that the TireCare Tire Sealant will prevent your tire from going flat. In addition to TireCare Tire Sealant, you should keep a portable air compressor in your kit as well so that you can maintain pressure of your tire on road.

tyre repair sealant

Tirecare Sealant | tyre puncture prevention


TireCare Sealant

How It Works?


TireCare Permanent Sealant speaks for its potency and value to allow vehicle users to make their lives easier without having to mount a spare tire for a car and pump a flat bike tire, solely with the application of its permanent sealant. Unlike purchasing a spare tire or sending a flat tire to the workshop, applying the sealant saves you a lot of money as it is a frugal consumption, as well as time-saving and effortless.

In addition to the offerings by TireCare Permanent Sealant, it has gained its limelight in winning numerous awards such as 2014 French International Invention Exhibition for Best Invention for mankind category, Gold Medal of Poland Invention Exhibition, Bronze Medal of French Invention Exhibition and Certification by SGS.

In comparison with other existing brands of tire sealant in the market, TireCare has the longest application life which is up to a year together with a shelf life worth five years. You will not have an anxiety on damage of rims and tires too! Despite having an awful tread crack line, TireCare Permanent Sealant allows to precisely seal the flaws as well!

Bear in mind that it is not recommended to apply two different brands of tire sealant to a tire as TireCare Permanent Sealant plies a different formula and texture and it may result to a dissimilar chemical reaction that will absolutely blemish a tire’s performance. Always use wisely and ride wildly!

To affirm the vehicle users that there is never a worry to deal with a flat tire, TireCare permanent Sealant provides innovative tire care products that will help every customer to solve any types of tire puncture problems.


  1. Rotate valve to low position.
  2. Remove valve stem.
  3. Shake TireCare Permanent Sealant well before use.
  4. Squeeze in TireCare Sealant.
  5. Cycle, verify seal, and check pressure.

Tirecare Sealant | tyre puncture prevention

Tirecare Sealant | tyre puncture prevention

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riders

One of the basic safety tips for riding on a bike is to keep a tire sealant on you, so that you never have to worry about being stranded anywhere because of a punctured tire. However, there is more to motorcycle safety than tire care only. It is established that motorcycles are not as safe as cars and the accidents on motorcycle are more likely to happen then car crashes. Therefore, you should learn motorcycle safety tips for riders so that you can prevent accidents or any other problems motorcycle riders face. If you are looking for motorcycle safety tips for riders, please read below:

Few Useful Tips

Motorcycle Riders

Pre-ride Inspection

Precaution is always advisable, so before riding your bike you should check if you have tire sealant on you. Then, make sure you check the oil, filters, and tires for any damages, coolants, grease and everything else mentioned in our motorcycle checklist.


Wear the right Gear

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. So, purchase a gear that fits you perfectly and is tight, so that in case of falls or any unfortunate accidents your gear can protect you.

Prevent riding in Bad Weather

Bike rides are already a slippery slope and in bad weather they become more slippers. So, make sure you prevent riding your bike in bad weather. If it rains it might not only end up making you wet but it can also cause more accidents.

Pay attention to the Road

One of the biggest mistake bike riders make is not paying attention to the road and thinking that they can pass from anywhere. Just like car rides it is extremely important for you to pay attention to the road.

Use TireCare Preventive Sealant

If you use TireCare preventive sealant you can prevent flat tire and tire puncture. So, make sure you keep a TireCare sealant on you and apply TireCare preventive sealant into your tire before heading to the road.

Tirecare Sealant | tyre repair kit malaysia

World 1st Permanent Sealant for All Types of Tires

Permanent Sealant

All Types Of Tires

Being the world’s first permanent sealant for passenger vehicles, it needs no word to expound its effectiveness to liberate a punctured tire. Not only it is effective to inflate and seal up the pierced tires of bicycles, but also to motorcycles, trucks and buses.

TireCare Permanent Sealant is an eco-friendly product that is made from a perfect combination of natural rubber latex, pitaya extract and nanofiber. When the tire is punctured or flat, air pressure will bring the mixture to the piercing and the mixture will form a network to seal the puncture automatically and immediately.

Tirecare Permanent Sealant is manufactured 100% in Taiwan and is an award winning tire sealant that can be used in all types of tires to redefine puncture protection. Created with meticulous formula and texture, it is made to last and seal up to 8mm hole piercings.

Without needing a spare inner tube or tire during your ride, you should be calm all time when encounter accidental flat tire situation. Technical skills are not required, it will be convenient, easy and safe DIY in just 10 minutes using TireCare Permanent Sealant.

Changing a spare tire may be complex, but never the application of TireCare Permanent Sealant.

TireCare Permanent Sealant is applicable for bicycle, motorcycle, vehicle or truck owners.

Easy installation and completely DIY

Permanent, so you don’t need to replace your punctured tires

Saves you a lot of money, time and effort

Certified eco-friendly

Tirecare Sealant | tyre puncture prevention

How Is Sealant Not Stopping You?

Tyre Sealant

How It Works?

Tyre sealant is commonly fiber-filled liquid that coats the interior of the tyre. It becomes every rider’s liberator by allowing them to cope with flat tyre after hitting a hard bump or going over sharp objects.

TireCare - puncture testTireCare - tyre sealed





As the tyre rotates, the sealant spreads evenly over the surface and gravity to stop air leak. If a tyre is punctured, the escaping air carries the sealant out through the hole and the sealant bonds this fiber together. Similarly, cycling with punctured tyre allows the sealant to flow into and pad the hole instantly and permanently. The process is so efficient that cyclists may not know a puncture has happened.

If the puncture is yet to be sealed, rotate the punctured hole to 6 o’clock position so that the sealant at the bottom can secure the hole.  To enhance the effectiveness, place your finger on the hole to prevent more air leaking.

If the outcome of sealing the puncture is not effective, top up sealant!

Get a bottle of tyre sealant. Not only does it come at an affordable price tag, it also seals a puncture hole immediately as it occurs. No more visiting repair shops to buy a new tyre! Now, lend a helping hand to your riding buddies. Have a pleasant ride!

Motorcycle Maintenance

Maintenance For Motorcycle

Motorcycle Maintenance

Are you wondering what you need for motorcycle maintenance in addition to a TireCare repair kit and a TireCare sealant? Then please read below:

Routine Maintenance

In order to maintain your motorcycle you need to make sure that you are investing in routine maintenance. In order to invest in routine maintenance you need to make sure that you regularly check your tire, chain, brakes, battery, coolant, engine, regularly change your filter and oil, spark plug and check if your motorcycle is leaving any grease. Regularly keeping a check on these things will help you with the routine maintenance of your motorcycle.

Regularly Check your Tire

The first thing that can go wrong on the road regularly is you getting a flat tire, for that you should keep a TireCare sealant on you. However, before puncture and flat tire you should keep a regular check on your tire by regularly:

  • Checking pressure
  • Checking tread of wear
  • Checking Spoke
  • Check for any visible dry cracks, chicken strips, and uneven wear, cuts in the sidewalls, nails, screws, bulges, ply or any separation and punctures.

You can apply TireCare Preventive Sealant before your ride to avoid punctures and flat tires.

In order to maintain your motorcycle it is important for you to have a know how of how to maintain your motorcycle. You should know if your motorcycle’s sound is changing, if it’s warming up too quickly, if it’s leaving any grease behind. Most of the problems can be prevented with regular filter and oil change. However, if the problem persists you should thoroughly check your motorcycle to avoid any further problems.

Tirecare Sealant | tyre puncture prevention

How to Repair Tyre Puncture?


Flat tire and tire sealant can be used to repair tires but the first rule to repairing a motorcycle tyre puncture is to bring it on the safe side of the road.

What To Do When Tyre Puncture?


Get off the Road

If your tire has gone flat on the road you need to make sure you don’t put too much pressure through brakes on the flat tire and slowly take it to the safe side. Once you have taken it to the safe side then:

Use a Repair Kit

If you are nowhere near a repair station then you should take out your repair kit that you should always carry with you. Repair kits are easy to carry under the seat and can be a quick repair tyre puncture. However, when you use a repair kit please make sure that you get your tire checked again at a proper repair center. Because if the puncture is closer to the sidewall it might not get fixed properly with a repair kit.

Carry Compressed Air

Compressed air can help you maintain proper pressure of a tire without going to a service station. If you feel like there is a slow leak in your tire then you can fill your tire through your small bottle of compressed air and keep it working until you get it fixed properly.

Use TireCare Sealant

Tire sealant can help repair tyre puncture easily. If you are going for a long distance journey on your motorcycle then you should always keep tire sealant on you. Flat tire and tire sealant go hand in hand, and an effective tire sealant can fix the punctures easily.

Think Ahead

Tire sealants are an easy fix for flat tires but it’s important for you to think ahead of your journey and keep the necessary materials such as tire sealants and compressed air on you if you want to prevent problems.

How To Avoid A Flat Tire?

Avoid A Flat Tire

Flat tire and tire repair are part and parcel of your daily routine if you have a vehicle of your own. Tire puncture is always a terrible situation to be in for a person. Most of the times, it occurs due to any outside object that gets into the tire and creates a hole in the tire. In the case of tire puncture, the first effect is a loss of inflation pressure in the tire and if the driver carries on with the same damaged tire there are significant risks that it may blow out and cause serious injuries to the passengers. Few of most effective ways to avoid a flat tire are:

  • Keep Tires Inflated:

Keeping your tires inflated according to recommended pressure level is important so that they wear evenly and you get maximum fuel efficiency. It must be noticed that over and under inflate tires could be deadly dangerous.

  • Regular inspection:

Make it a regular habit to inspect and examine the tire regularly, try to locate tread uneven or similar other issues quickly before they tend to get worst. Regular check and balance can prevent tire flat big time.

  • Proper tire repair:

If you are seeking tire repair or replacement, make sure you consult the professionals in this regard. If the tire needs a replacement, better find that replacement tire which has more resistance to puncture and comes with higher mileage warranty.

  • Vehicle condition, alignment and maintenance:

Have a keen eye at the conditions of the vehicle, its alignment and maintenance plus all the additional factors that have an impact towards tire puncture. For example, brakes have an impact on how your tire wear so in such case, make sure the brake is finely adjusted.


  • Avoid Streets Near Construction Sites:

It might seem too mainstream thing, but has a significant effect on the tires, since most of the punctures and flat tire occur majorly due to the outside objects. So it is wise to avoid the places or roads which pose a risk to your tire.

  • Use TireCare Kit:

TireCare Kit - your tire protection

TireCare kit is comprised with the smartest tools that enable permanent sealing, non toxic, non hazardous and non corrosive functioning. Another aspect of the TireCare Kit that makes it inevitable is that it is brilliantly eco-friendly.

Tirecare Sealant | tyre puncture prevention

TireCare Puncture Challenge

TireCare Sealant | Permanent Puncture Solution

Motorcycle Touring Checklist

TireCare Preventive sealant is a necessity when you’re going anywhere so that you are not stranded on the road because of tire getting punctured. Moreover, when going on a long journey on your motorcycle you need to be prepared. In addition to taking the necessary materials for fixing your motorcycle you need to pack some of the following things to give yourself a comfortable journey.

Touring Bag

A tourist or touring bag will be your go to bag for whenever you are trekking hiking or going anywhere. It will contain everything that you need.

Rain Suit

A rain suit is necessity if you are going on a long journey it can rain, because you might not be able to predict the weather. So, you should keep your rain suit on you.

Heated Jacket and Gloves

If you are heading towards the mountain or weather gets chilly you will need something to warm you up, while you are riding your bike. So, pack yourself a heated jacket and gloves.

Motorcycle Cover

You’re going to be parking your motorcycle somewhere and just like you need protection your motorcycle also needs protection. So get your motorcycle cover and keep it with you.

Water Bottles

This is a necessity so you should keep water bottles to keep yourself hydrated and you might even need it to for your motorcycle as well.

Cleaning Cloth

If your motorcycle breaks down on the way and you are trying to fix it then to keep yourself and your motorcycle clean you should keep a cleaning cloth with you.

Tool Set

A tool set and some basic mechanical tricks are a must so that if you need to repair your motorcycle anywhere you can use your toolkit.

First Aid Kit and a Protein Bar

You should keep a first aid kit for any emergencies. This will give you the ability to clean wounds or deal with problems like diarrhea or allergic reactions and a protein bar to keep yourself energized.

TireCare Emergency Tire Repair Kit

Apply TireCare Preventive sealant into your tire before you start your journey for tyre puncture prevention. TireCare tyre repair sealant is the world’s first permanent tire sealant for all types of tires. TireCare Sealant is the most convenient tyre puncture repair kit in Malaysia.

TireCare preventive sealant for motorcycle - tire sealant