Cons Of Using Run Flat Tire

Run flat tires are extremely facilitating for the drivers and make the drive easier and minimize the threats of any mishap. Run flat tires are the highly technology and hazard free kinds of tires that do not get flat and help the drive to keep driving until he reaches a nearby safe location or his home. Many models of latest cars are coming with built in run flat tire technology which shows that they are high in demand due to their unique selling points. However, everything has two aspects, so is the case with run flat tire, in addition to unlimited pros, it has several cons associated with it as well, like:



  1. High Costs:

In the era where people tend to look for inexpensive but quality tires, run flat tires could be around one third time more costly as compared to the conventional tires. Other than that, run flat tires are a lot more prone to replacement which is why they are an expensive option.

  1. No repair:

In the case if your run flat tire gets punctured or damaged, it simply means you will have to look for a replacement as there is no replacement available for run flat tires at the moment.

  1. Uncomfortable driving:

Run flat tire has thick sidewalls due to which the tire has less absorb shocking ability making it difficult to drive the car comfortably. Lack of smoothness is one of the major cons associated with the flat run tires.

  1. More fuel consumption:

Due to the utilization of heavier and complicated technology in the manufacturing, the run flat tires have the ability to reduce fuel economy by almost 2%.


  1. Availability issues:

Due to their specific regulation and configuration standards, at times, it could be an uphill task to find exactly what kind of run flat tires you need.