Round-The-Clock Tire Protection Up To 365 Days with TireCare PRIME


Each year, there are 10,000 truck accidents caused by Undetected Tire Puncture, Overweight & Overheat

The Problem

Is The Risk & Loss Worth It?

Tire punctures or blowouts can have catastrophic effects on all aspects of your business.

Operations & Maintenance


Increase workflow & overtime to reschedule delivery & find rescue team



Heavy costs for emergency rescue support

Customer Service


Damages to client's assets and products



Loss of business contract, rating and reputation

The Solution

TireCare PRIME

Our search for the perfect tire sealant began on 2010 in Taiwan. We put the world’s best tire sealant brands to test and gathered valuable data to formulate a world-class sealant, with the goal of creating an accident-free world. After years of extensive R&D, TireCare has pioneered the Nano-fibre technology, proven to seal tire punctures permanently. Our formula is also heat-resistant and can withstand prolonged use without drying out, quite unlike any other tire sealants in the market.

Product Demonstration


Perfect For:

Heavy Loader
Concrete Mixer Truck
Prime Mover
Army Trucks
Garbage Trucks

TireCare PRIME Is Proudly Used By

Installation Chart

1.Use a tire disassembler to remove the tire from the rim.

2.After removing the steel ring, pour the tire fluid into the tire.

3.Turn the tire in one direction to ensure that the tire fluid covers the inner tire surface.

4.Leave 1/3 of the tire sealant in the tire.

5.Put the tire on the steel ring back.

6.Inflate tire to the desired air pressure.


Your TireCare Solution

Preventive Liquid

Preventive liquid-based solution effective for up to 365 days for tube and tubeless tires.

Cooling Effect

Cooling effect to reduce the temperate to avoid tire blowout

Self Sealing

Permanently self-sealing multi-tire punctures of up to 12 - 16mm to prevent flat tire

Tire Lifespan

Prolongs the tire lifespan by up to 20%

How It Works

Easy & Secure

Comparison Chart

Seal Puncture Up To 12-16MM12 - 16mm6mm6mm
Product Liability Coverage RM 1M
Top 5 World Lab Qualification5
Preventive Solution
Extend Tire Lifespan Up To 20%

Application Guide

Tire width size (orange colour in image) determines the amount of TireCare to use in order to cover the tread wear area.

Tire DetailUsage

TireCare is Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor (TPMS) friendly, specifically for TPMS sensors that are hermetically sealed.

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Over 250,000 Tires Saved by TireCare in Malaysia.

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