Innovative Solution To Emergency Punctures: Tirecare Car Tire Puncture Repair Kit

When your car tires decide to go flat on an important journey, and all the workshops are closed, it is a dire situation; and a dire situation calls for a genius solution. TireCare car tire puncture repair kit is that genius solution! Easy to use, efficient, environment friendly, non-corrosive, non-toxic; with the miraculous innovation of this kit you can permanently seal punctures of up to 12 mm, moreover, in under 10 minutes! While traditional repair takes at least 30 minutes, and is often bothersome, this impressive product is hassle-free, and once you’ve used it, you won’t have to again, until your tires go flat all over.



Contents of TireCare car tire puncture repair kit

  • Portable car tire air compressor – 1 piece
  • TireCare Revive – 2 x 400 ml
  • Tube Injector – 1 piece
  • Valve Opener – 1 piece

Importance of TireCare car tire punctures repair kit

In today’s industry, the life of a product is rarely guaranteed with much conviction. However, TireCare can guarantee you a shelf life of five years; the longest in the industry! We also provide, along with the kit, a five year warranty; and we can proudly claim that no other product in the industry offers warranty for this long!

You may watch our video guiding the installation of the kit on your vehicle, and see for yourself the workings of TireCare. Customer reviews are testament to the fact that we have been selling top-notch products for ages, thus our repute is what it is!

This kit is applicable on both tubeless and run-flat tires. Use the Permanent Sealant according to instructions, and you can drive on the punctured tire until it goes flat again. Our product is non-hazardous and certified by SGS; it is a savior in the most pressing of emergencies!