Back in 2010, Prof. Lee, the founder of TireCare Sealant who is also a certified Chemist, experienced a flat tyre while driving to his hometown. He was frustrated and well aware of the dangers of changing tyres in the middle of road, what more at midnight. Furthermore, he found that changing a flat tyre is not only time consuming but requires basic technical skills to get the job done, which can be tedious. Through this incident, Prof. Lee decided to go on a mission to find a solution that fixes punctured tyres fast. After three years of research and development, Prof. Lee finally produced TireCare Tyre Repair Sealant, the world’s first permanent puncture proof tyre sealant.

TireCare Sealant officially launched in 2014 and is now available in over 50 countries worldwide. This exclusive creation also scored an award for ‘Best Mankind Innovation’ in 2014 for its best tyre sealant formula.

Our Mission

To provide an extremely effective tyre repair solution that solves all types of tyre puncture issues, assuring a safe journey ahead. When you think of road safety, think of TireCare Sealant.