Normal Tire With Tirecare Sealant Vs Run Flat Tires

Tire Sealant: Run Flat Tire

Run Flat Tire (RFT) has become increasingly popular in the recent years. More and more car manufacturers are offering Run Flat Tire for newly launched cars. The rationale behind having a RFT installed is that changing a puncture tire has become such a drag. Punctures always seems to find us at such an unwelcome timing.

In the event of a puncture, RFT allows you to drive continuously for a certain distance at a reduced speed without the need of stopping your vehicle to replace the tire. Basically, with RFT, you do not have to worry about replacing your tire in an unsafe condition. Unlike conventional tires, you will have to stop your journey and replace the tire immediately or wait till the tow truck comes. Besides, RFT are essentially more stable compare to conventional tires when a puncture or blowup occurs due to its firm structure.

Although RFT does comes in handy during punctures, it does has some disadvantages too. Not many workshop offers RFT on their shelves, if you are in the outskirt, you probably need to turn back to your car manufacturer to replace the RFT. Besides, RFT is priced relatively higher compare to conventional tires. As having RFT installed on your vehicle might be a sound idea, to replace a RFT is still a hassle.


However, the frustration and hassle can be reduce by just using TireCare Sealant on conventional tires. TireCare Sealant the world’s first permanent tire sealant. TireCare Sealant is the best tire sealant to fix a flat tire. The sealant can permanently seals up punctures up to 12mm. It requires a DIY process as you will have to manually apply the sealant into the tire. But there is no need for you to jack, unscrew or replace the tire. Besides, by using TireCare Sealant on conventional tires, it is much more cost effective compare to having RFT. TireCare tyre repair sealant is the world’s first permanent tire sealant for all types of tires. Inside TireCare Kit packaging is a portable car air compressor, 400ml TireCare Permanent Sealant, 1pc Tube Injector and 1pc Valve Opener. TireCare sealant is the best tyre puncture prevention for all types of tire.

To sum up, both Run Flat Tire and conventional tires with TireCare Sealant in it has its own pros and cons.