TireCare Sealant | flat tyre repair kit


  • Permanently seal punctures up to 12mm upon impact
  • Applicable for Tubeless and run-flat-tires
  • 15,000km extra protection
  • Use flat tire until the tread wear worn off
  • No balancing issue
  • Eco-friendly, Non-toxic and Non Corrosive
  • Easy washable formula
  • 5 years shelf life


  • 1 x TireCare Revive 400ml
  • 1 x Portable Car Air Compressor
  • 1pc Tube Injector and 1pc Valve Opener
  • 5 years Shelf Life (from production date) – THE LONGEST SHELF LIFE IN THE INDUSTRY
  • 5 years warranty for Portable Car Air Compressor (from date of purchased) – THE LONGEST WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY


Do you find yourself in a constant worried state of mind about your tyres puncturing in the middle of a busy highway at an unexpected time of day, causing heavy traffic during peak hours? You can avoid from getting stuck in that sticky situation with TireCare Kit, the ultimate tyre repair kit in Malaysia – a car tyre puncture repair kit that permanently seals 12mm punctures, upon impact. It is ideal for tubeless as well as run-flat-tyres and provides up to 15,000km extra protection. TireCare Kit is formed with an ‘easy wash’ formula and other non-toxic as well as non-corrosive properties.

TireCare Sealant | tyre puncture prevention


TireCare Sealant | tyre puncture prevention


TireCare Sealant | emergency tire repair kit

225 – 280ml per wheel

TireCare Sealant | emergency tire repair kit

260 – 320ml per wheel

TireCare Sealant | emergency tire repair kit

320ml – 400ml per wheel

TireCare Sealant | emergency tire repair kit

320 – 400ml per wheel

TireCare Sealant | emergency tire repair kit

320 – 400ml per wheel

TireCare Sealant | tyre puncture prevention

9 reviews for TIRECARE KIT

  1. Mike Loo

    Bought this for my wife as I’m not be with her 24/7

  2. Karen

    I find this product is pretty easy to use for lady. recommended

  3. Dennis K.

    Purchasing the kit was a no brainer for me after watching the live demo to replace the ageing spare tire in my odyssey as a form of travel insurance against punctures! Feel much safer on the road now!

  4. Kevin Low

    First time user, found a nail/screw in my rear tyre n decided to get a 2-bottle rescue kit with an additional 400ml for the tyre. Started on the tyre at home n found another screw buried deep in the same tyre but 180deg opp the first screw. Filled about 220ml in that tyre and the balance into the front patched up tyre on the same side and drove out to spread the sealant. Went to nearest petrol station and 2nd puncture was still leaking but filled up the tyre and continued driving. Both holes in rear tyre stopped leaking by the time I reached home about 10mins later. Will update again in 2 days

  5. Lucas Tan

    I used TireCare sealant instead of changing spare tire. This is easy to use and it took only 9 minutes to completed the whole process. The puncture holes was seal and I able to drive home safely. Happy with the result

  6. Ron Ho

    Had my tires punctured on a couple occasions and was looking for an alternative solution that I could DIY myself; was sufficiently impressed by the live demo and bought a revival kit for future protection

  7. Leonard Tan

    Fantastic product! Had a puncture 2 months ago and used the Kit. Found it easy to use and very fast to apply. My tyre is still in good condition and it saved me from buying a pair of new tyres. Thanks guys!

  8. Nelson Chin

    Safe to use. Good stuff !

  9. Jeffrey C.

    It’s a very good back up buddy. Recently switched to a ultra performance tyres and installed a TPMS. The air pump that comes with it is a nice kit to have. For me I’m very pendatic in keeping my tyre pressure exact on all four wheels. Very convenient way to pump it up in the morning where the air is cold and readings are relatively accurate (compared to when it’s hotter). Eventually a good investment too for my tyres by doing so and a bit of effort to maximise the tyre life by keeping the pressures at check. Lessen the risks of road side tyre change, safer and happier motoring ahead.

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