TireCare Sealant | tyre puncture repair

TireCare Pro Racing

  • Permanently seal punctures up to 8mm upon impact
  • Applicable for Tube or Tubeless tires
  • Effective for 1 year
  • No balancing issue
  • Eco-friendly, Non toxic and Non Corrosive
  • Easy washable formula
  • 5 years shelf life


  • 1 x TireCare Pro Racing 400ml
  • 1pc Tube Injector and 1pc Valve Opener
  • 5 years Shelf Life (from production date) – THE LONGEST SHELF LIFE IN THE INDUSTRY


The best part of riding a motorbike is the adrenaline rush but when tyres start to puncture, it can get pretty dangerous. So, what do you do if your motorbike is stranded in the middle of a road with a punctured tyre? TireCare Pro Racing is the perfect solution. Created with an ‘easy wash’ formula and other non-toxic and non-corrosive properties, this tyre puncture repair tool can be applied to tube or tubeless tyres and permanently seals 8mm punctures, upon impact. Rest assure that TireCare Pro Racing does not cause any balancing issues.

TireCare Sealant | tyre puncture prevention


TireCare Sealant | tyre puncture prevention


TireCare Sealant | tyre puncture prevention

Standard Motorcycles
200ml per wheel

TireCare Sealant | tyre puncture prevention

Sports And Big Motorcycles
250ml – 400ml per wheel


  1. Lutfi Mohd

    My tires (battlax s21 bridgestone) got scarred by nails and i was lucky enough that it wasn’t punctured. Tire Care sealant is my solution for future bruises on my love for this tires l. Never felt confident than ever before !

  2. Mimie John

    Great customer service and follow up.. With tirecare sealant, I need not worry about having puncture tyres.. So far so good..
    Ride peacefully hassle free!

  3. Anthony Koh

    Suffer a tyre puncture on my Maxsym 400 and tried repair using the tyre plug. However, there is still air leak from the side of plug. Lucky to have TireCare team to assist. They provide excellence customer service and super product which stop the air leak. Just remember to look for TireCare for prevention and repair of any tyre puncture. You will be amaze on TireCare’s product effectiveness.

  4. Kheat Chia

    Installed and didn’t affect wheel balancing. Thank you TireCare for that peace of mind.

  5. Rex Lee

    Fantastic product. Been using it for about 1 month now. So far been really great. High speed had no problems.. Will use it again on my next pair of tires. Cheers!

  6. Bani Buang

    Very excellent result.

    After using the Tiresealant on 23.5.18.
    Rode to Kelantan & Terengganu via highways & trunk roads.

    The selant works wonderfully for over 300km already.

    To date, tire pressure still maintained.

    Strongly recommended others especially season tourers riding up North

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