TIRECARE Emergency Repair Kit – RM488.00 (Show in CARS and SUV)

Tire Sealant: TireCare Malaysia
  • Permanently seals punctures up to 12mm in seconds
  • Drive the punctured tire until goes flat
  • Applicable on Tubeless and run-flat tires
  • Permanent Sealant (Use after tire punctured)
  • Non-toxic, Non-corrosive, Non-hazardous
  • Eco-friendly and certified by SGS. TPMS Safe


2 x 400ml TireCare Permanent Sealant

1 x Air Compressor

1pc Tube Injector and 1pc Valve Opener

5 years Shelf Life (from production date)

5 years warranty for Air Compressor (from date of purchased)