TireCare Tyre Puncture Repair Sealant 1.8 L

TireCare Prime - tyre puncture prevention

TireCare Prime

  • Permanently seals multiple punctures up to 16mm in seconds
  • Effective for 60,000KM or 1 year whichever come first
  • Cooling system to reduce the tires temperature
  • Applicable on Tube and Tubeless
  • Eco-friendly and certified by SGS. TPMS Safe
  • Non-toxic, Non-corrosive, Non-hazardous


1 x 1.8L TireCare Prime

5 years Shelf Life (from production date) – THE LONGEST SHELF LIFE IN THE INDUSTRY


Changing tyres of heavy vehicles can be tough and may require professional assistance. So, if you happen to be driving a truck or lorry and the tyres unexpectedly puncture, you know you can always rely on TireCare Prime for all your tyre puncture repair needs. Specifically personalized for heavier vehicles such as trucks, TireCare Prime is formulated with a cooling system that reduces tyre temperature and permanently seals 16mm punctures. Ideal for tube or tubeless tyres, TireCare Prime tyre puncture repair kit can also last up to 60,000km in distance or at least up to one year. Being an organisation that is dedicated to being environmental friendly, you can rest assure that this product is made from non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-hazardous properties. Certified by SGS, TPMS Safe.