TireCare Tyre Puncture Prevention Sealant 160 ML

TireCare Endurance bicycle sealant - tyre puncture prevention


  • Permanently seal punctures up to 6mm upon impact
  • Applicable for Tube,Tubeless & Tubular
  • Effective for 1 year
  • Eco-friendly, Non toxic and Non Corrosive
  • Easy washable formula
  • Non-blockage for the Valve
  • 5 years shelf life


  • 1 x TireCare Endurance 160ml
  • 1pc Tube Injector and 1pc Valve Opener
  • 5 years Shelf Life (from production date) – THE LONGEST SHELF LIFE IN THE INDUSTRY


Bicycle rides can be a fun and exciting activity but what happens when the tyres go flat while you are out and about? Is there a solution to tyre puncture prevention? Well, that is why you need to have TireCare Endurance. With TireCare Endurance, it permanently seals punctures of up to 6mm in diameter upon impact and it can last for one year. Aside from being environmental friendly with its non-toxic and non-corrosive properties, this tyre puncture prevention product is also applicable for tube, tubeless and tubular tyres, and effectively unblocks Valve.

TireCare Sealant | tyre puncture prevention


TireCare Sealant | tyre puncture prevention


Folding Bike
80ml per wheel

Road Bike
80ml per wheel

Mountain Bike
80ml – 160ml per wheel

Fat Bike
160ml – 320ml per wheel


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