About TireCare


"To provide an extremely effective tyre repair solution that solves all types of tyre puncture issues, assuring a safe journey ahead. "

Tire Blowouts Are Lethal. Now You Can Prevent It with TireCare.

As Malaysians, we spend a lot of time on the road. If you are a road user, chances are you encounter large commercial vehicles zooming past you on a daily basis.

9 years ago, I was driving on the NKVE just like any other day, sharing the road with large trucks as usual.

Never in my life would I be prepared for what happened next.

In a matter of seconds, I heard a deafening burst, and a piece of debris came hurling past my car. The truck in front of me came to a grinding halt and I jammed my brakes just in time to stop.

Thankfully, I reacted fast enough to prevent a disaster. Sadly, it wasn’t the case for the car on the left. The crash scene was a devastating sight which I could never erase from my memory for as long as I lived.

With the rise of trade and e-commerce, the number of large vehicles on the road will only continue to rise.

As a veteran in the automotive industry, I started to question what I can do to prevent such events from ever happening to my loved ones.

Over 250,000 Tires Saved by TireCare in Malaysia.


Preventative Measure for a Preventable Accident

Numbers don’t lie. On average, large vehicle tire blowouts happen 30 times per day, 10,000 times a year.

Now, think about the number of family members you have, spending time on the road alongside so many commercial vehicles.

While I can’t do anything for accidents resulting from human error, it is within my full control to make sure tire blowouts don’t happen.

Tire blowouts happen as a result of undetected tire puncture from foreign object, overheat and overweight

After conducting extensive R&D with my Taiwanese chemist partner for the past 9 years, we pioneered a tire sealant formula that addresses all 3 factors leading to a tire blowout.

TireCare is a unique anti-puncture liquid sealant solution using proprietary Nano-fibre technology. Basically, it works as a preventive protection, permanently self-sealing multiple punctures. It also provides cooling effect to reduce tire temperature and avoid tire blowout.

We are internationally recognized by the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company from US, Europe, Switzerland and China. Businesses and end consumers alike can use our product with utmost peace of mind.

TireCare is a gift from us to the world – keeping businesses running incident-free while helping families safe on the road from preventable disasters.