What To Do When Tyre Puncture?


Get off the Road

If your tire has gone flat on the road you need to make sure you don’t put too much pressure through brakes on the flat tire and slowly take it to the safe side. Once you have taken it to the safe side then:

Use a Repair Kit

If you are nowhere near a repair station then you should take out your repair kit that you should always carry with you. Repair kits are easy to carry under the seat and can be a quick repair tyre puncture. However, when you use a repair kit please make sure that you get your tire checked again at a proper repair center. Because if the puncture is closer to the sidewall it might not get fixed properly with a repair kit.

Carry Compressed Air

Compressed air can help you maintain proper pressure of a tire without going to a service station. If you feel like there is a slow leak in your tire then you can fill your tire through your small bottle of compressed air and keep it working until you get it fixed properly.

Use TireCare Sealant

Tire sealant can help repair tyre puncture easily. If you are going for a long distance journey on your motorcycle then you should always keep tire sealant on you. Flat tire and tire sealant go hand in hand, and an effective tire sealant can fix the punctures easily.

Think Ahead

Tire sealants are an easy fix for flat tires but it’s important for you to think ahead of your journey and keep the necessary materials such as tire sealants and compressed air on you if you want to prevent problems.