Why You Need A Portable Car Air Compressor?

When going on a road trip one of the most frustrating problems you can face is your tyre getting punctured. If you have experienced getting late to work, late to a wedding or a frustrating trip because of a flat tire on the road then you need not to worry anymore because we have brought a special portable car air compressor for you.


What is a Portable Car Air Compressor?

A portable car air compressor is a car tyre air compressor which can be carried easily on the road for providing a quick fix to your flat tire. TireCare 12V portable car air compressor is designed specifically to be light weight and for the purpose of resolving the problem of adding air pressure to the tires and providing a quick fix to flat tires.



Why 12V Car Tire Air Compressor?

Tirecare’s 12V car tire air compressor can not only be employed for checking car air pressure, but it can also be used for air release and can inflate tires up to 51psi. The portable kit comes with a 3 meters of power cable, and can operate from a standard 12v cigarette lighter socket. The best part it also comes with a quick release connector and LED pressure gauge.


So, now when you’re hitting the road you don’t have to stop anywhere to get your tires checked, you can just use your portable car tire air compressor to check pressure and have a worry free and hassle free ride.